Testimonial for Zinelle Carstens

I’ve had the privilege of interacting with Zinelle Carstens since 2012. Zinelle has been a pillar of strength throughout my debt review process and made an extremely tough and emotional process a lot easier to cope with.

Zinelle comes across in a professional manner and is extremely knowledgeable. She has always provided sound advice and in instances where she was unable to provide counsel, would source the appropriate contact to close the loop. Zinelle is someone who would go above and beyond the call of duty and has formed great relationships with her client base.

She acts with the highest levels of integrity and is a logical yet values based individual.

I view Zinelle as an individual who would always add immense value in any role or organisation she may be a part of. She is definitely an asset to your organisation and is someone who should be taken care of.

I would like to wish Zinelle all the success in her future endeavours.

Mr C from Johannesburg - September 2016

Debt Review

I have been drowning in debts and didn’t know where to turn, harassed and threatened by Creditors. From the day I gave myself over for debt review, I can say that I have never met a team of people who is more committed, caring and willing to assist and go over and above to give you peace of mind. Financially they made it possible for me to start living again without stress and fear for the day of tomorrow, as I know that I’m in capable hands. They do what they say and much more.

>Ms C from Randburg - August 2016

Debt Review – It saved my life

When I started out on this path I was ready to just give up. What I had to pay each month was way more than was coming in and that feeling of being too afraid to answer the phone… It was a feeling of complete helplessness. That all changed when I came into contact with Ctrl Debt Delete. They were upfront with what I was facing, but caring and so supportive through the whole process. It was so fantastic to leave all those creditors in their hands to sort out. Make no mistake, it is not an easy process to go through, but the plan they made for me meant I could survive while paying back what I owed. All I had to do was ensure that I paid the set amount without fail every month. Looking back 5 years down the line, I would have lost everything had I not taken that leap and approached them for assistance. This process saved my life and now I am free to live life again. Thank you to Zinelle and her team for the excellent service over the past few years.

Ms M from Randburg - September 2016

Testimonial - Zinelle Carstens (Ctrl Debt Delete)

We would like to take the opportunity to give our testimonial about our experience with Zinelle's services while we were on Debt Review, and would like to take the opportunity to thank her as well. Click here to read complete testimonial.

Mr & Mrs T from Boksburg - September 2016

You deserve the testimonial as you are wonderful!

My debt mounted up over the years until it reached the stage where it was so massive that I couldn’t afford the monthly repayments. I was referred to Zinelle of NDRA and since she helped me I no longer have the stress of trying to juggle my repayments and still have enough over to live on. Zinelle negotiated lower interest rates with all my creditors and each month she deducts one amount from my account and then she pays them on my behalf. This has made my life so much easier. Zinelle is very helpful and lovely to work with which has made this painful process less difficult, and I can highly recommend her if you need assistance with your debt.

Ms B from Randburg - August 2016


I remember four years ago. While I was deep in debts, and depressed. Then I meet Zinelle and explain all my financial problem to her. I didn't even believe that one day I could be the one writing this short summary about my life because I was even ashamed to tell someone about my finance problem. To day I'm proud about where I am because of the you Zinelle and the company. You have done the good Job guys. I'm proud about what you guys have done to help me to overcome my debts. You guys deserve gold

Mr M from Randburg - August 2016

To Ctrl Debt Delete

I was facing some difficulties in my life cause of debts, every month end was a nightmare, skipping payments and phone calls ringing any time of the day from creditors. Click here to read complete testimonial.

Mr S from Randburg - August 2016

To Ctrl Debt Delete

I just would like to thank NDRA the way they helped and still helping me with my accounts. I was unable to pay my account because I took sometimes not working. I read about NDRA in the newspaper and I approached them. They made my life easy by reducing all my accounts instalments and make it to one account instalment. As such I managed to pay my accounts and afford my family responsibility as well. I therefore advise any person to who cannot afford to pay his/her accounts to NDRA.

Mr S from Louis Trichardt - August 2016

To Ctrl Debt Delete

Due to unforeseen circumstances I found myself in the predicament of not being able to pay my monthly debt. It got so bad that I stopped answering my phone. A friend of mine found out of my predicament and as she went through the same problem a few years back she gave me the contact number for Zinelle at NDRA. Click here to read complete testimonial.

Mr K from Durban - August 2016


Debt review has really helped me over the past year or so because I was too much in debt and could barely make ends meet. I didn’t any extra money and was in fact going more in debt every month. It reduced so much of mental stress that one has to deal with when in debt. After making arrangements to debtors I could relax and had extra cash to live. The process was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who is in my position.

Mr M from Durban - August 2016


I approached Zinelle a few years ago when I was going through a difficult time financially. I had changed jobs and I was earning less than before. To realise and admit that you are over indebted is one of the most difficult things to do. Zinelle was very professional. She explained to me how her role as debt counsellor can help me overcome my financial woes. She was always helpful throughout the process with all my concerns and she was prompt in response. I'm just glad that I have been cleared from being over indebted and I can now move on, on a clean slate.

Mr M from Durban - August 2016


I got myself into a lot of debt without realising it was more than what I could afford. I had my salary and a secondary income from my partner I could manage until when we got separated. Things started falling apart. I couldn’t cope with my debts and I was afraid that I’d lose my car or get blacklisted. Click here to read complete testimonial.

Ms N from Johannesburg - August 2016